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If you do not have a website, your new Membership HANDLE can serve as your permanent home on the web. Your unique handle with will look something like this:

And with your free domain, you will also receive this:

This method will provide the search engines with two (2) ways to find you and increase your SEO footprint on the web. And if you already have a website, then this will provide your audience with three (3) top tier listings which will place you first in line on the with a page location when your customers search for you on GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, etc.

(Free Custom Domain Name Paid For By The Liquid Every Year You Remain A Member)

Your new HANDLE or link will provide you with an immediate presence with the search engines. If you cannot afford a website right now, this is your instant fix! Your HANDLE and free DOMAIN NAME can be used in your email signature or under your name on your business card, and listed on all of your social media accounts.

Free custom domain name paid for by as long as you remain a member (Example: or:

Between your website (if you have one) and/or your handle with, the search engines will be able to kiss your brand, and make your HANDLE & new DOMAIN NAME easy to find and your online identity will be permanent just like that. will let people know where you are immediately. With your Membership on our platform, people can find your website or handle and social media accounts. They can find all of this about you in one place, and that is with us, via your permanent slice of real estate on